About SOTIS Hotel

Inspired from the traditional yet sophisticated hand-woven fabric from the lands of East Nusa Tenggara, SOTIS Hotel was born with a strong spirit to provide the best quality service to all of its guests. Since 26th November 2013, SOTIS Hotel introduced a unique and an elevating concept of 'Comfort, Cozy and Friendly', keeping in mind the beauty and the technique of the Sotis fabric itself.

SOTIS Hotel was designed for those travellers and business people who are looking for a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere. Designed with a modern artistic touch, together with the availability of 3 different cozy room choices, leisure selections like an eclectic cafe shop, bar with stunning live performances, and a refreshing open space, SOTIS Hotel promises all of its guests  a splendid yet a homey staying experience.

Our Mission

To delight our guests with our signature Indonesian grace, warmth, and care.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent business and leisure hotels - recognized as unique for exceptional hospitality experience.